This website is a summary of nearly sixty years of my artwork. It is a virtual exhibition beginning with my paintings. For those interested in a more complete survey my archive is available.  The archive contains approximately 80% of my artwork. Responses to my virtual exhibition can be sent to here.
My painted constructions are in the following collections:
 State of Washington Art in Public Places
  • (swing)  Thorpe School District
  • (pleated) Truman Middle School, Tacoma
  • (Rubens) Edison Elementary Shool, Tacoma
  • (lateral) Tacoma Community College
  • (4 myth) Belingham High School
  • (magiian’s table) Carmichael lMiddle School, Richland
  • (centifiugal)  Cooper Elmentary School, W. Seattie
  • (Bob’s elbow) Blix Elementary School, Tacoma
  • (sonorous)  Vancouver Middle Sccool
Other Public Sites
  • (heraldic) SPSCC Olympia
  • (spill) SPSCC
  • (target) SPSCC
  • (yellow edge) SPSCC
  • (target) SPSCC
  • (yellow sprite)  Tacma CC, Tacoma
  • (blue) SPSCC
(arc) SPSCC
(gap) TCC
(flutter) SPSCC
(frieze) SPSCC
(swinger) SPSCC
(pony express) SPSCC
(ribbons) TCC
(coda) TCC